A Buyer’s Guide to Long Chandeliers Online

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So you’ve decided to spice up your dining area with a beautiful long chandelier. Maybe you’ve been scouring through Pinterest, magazines and blogs and to find something that suits your taste. Now where can you find the long chandelier of your dreams? Online of course! Searching for chandeliers and lighting fixtures online is becoming a popular choice for renovators and it’s a great tool for seeking out a unique and modern ornament to perfectly match your décor. So what should you keep in mind when buying online?


Finding out the exact materials that are used in the chandeliers you are searching for online, and understanding how those materials may look in real life will minimize disappointment. A suggestion is to copy down some of the materials you see in a chandelier you’ve found online and go to a local store, find an ornament with similar materials so you can see how it reflects or disperses light.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but the size of your chandelier will impact the ambiance of your room. It’s important to make a decision on what size would fit the function of the space. Take out a measuring tape and imagine what you’d like – it’s helpful to compare it to the size of something else in that room. Consider those measurements when browsing online. Smaller and daintier size will make a space larger, and a larger size light will make a space smaller.